Happy 2020! As the new year kicks into gear, we turned to an astrologer for a peek into the year and decade to come. Ophira Edut and her sister Tali are the authors of The Astrotwins 2020 Horoscope: Your Ultimate Astrology Guide to the New Decade.  Ophira gives us some clues of what’s to come and discusses the business of horoscopes.

Going to the dentist is not easy for everyone. It can sometimes be painful and very expensive. But the importance of good dental care is critical, especially for children. This is why Kansas City Chief Dustin Colquitt helped form Team Smile, which offers complimentary dental care at sporting events to underprivileged children. FOX’s Chief Meteorologist Janice Dean sat down with Team Smile co-founders Dusin Colquitt and Dr. Bill Busch about how the organization is changing lives.

Plus, commentary by FOX’s Politics Editor Chris Stirewalt.