A lot of Christmas Carol singing happens this time of year. And the old favorites like “O Come all Ye Faithful” and “Hark the Herald” are so well known we could probably sing them in our sleep. But these carols, while warming our hearts and bringing joy to the Christmas season, have far more theological weight and truths to them than meets the eye, or ear. Keith and Kristyn Getty, hymn writers and musicians extraordinaire, bring their sold out “Sing! An Irish Christmas” tour through New York City and stopped by to be my special guests on Lighthouse Faith podcast. You can also catch their performance on Fox and Friends this week. They’re educating churches in the power of music and hymn singing as a way to increase the faithful’s understanding of their beliefs. Through the incredible power of music, Hymns don’t just sit on the tongue, they burrow their way into the far reaches of the minds. And Christmas Carols are hymns celebrating the birth of Jesus.