Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) joined the Brian Kilmeade Show today to discuss the latest on President Trump’s impeachment. While comparing Trump to previous impeached presidents, Sen. Graham said “Clinton actually committed a crime. Richard Nixon, outside counsel, Nixon committed a crime. There’s no crime here.” Sen. Graham also responded to President Trump not being able to have a lawyer present during the hearings, not being able to call witnesses on his behalf, and not being able to confront his accuser by saying, “Once they’ve impeached the President, based on something we’ve never seen before constitutionally, they’re denying him his day in court and this just cannot stand and will not stand.”

Sen. Graham also gave Brian his retort to Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin calling for four Republican senators to stand up against Trump, saying:

“What you’re asking four republicans to do is to shred the President’s ability to go to court. This is very important. President Trump actually got elected. He’s President of the United States and no one on the other side wants to recognize that. Every president before him had the ability to claim executive privilege when you want documents and witnesses in his control… What Dick Durbin is asking Republican senators to do is basically to destroy the Trump presidency and presidencies to come because they hate his guts so much.”

While discussing IG Michael Horowitz’s report, Sen. Graham said it “won’t hold water” and that “the biases against Trump matured after the investigation started,” as people like former CIA Director John Brennan, Former FBI Director James Comey and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe hate President Trump. Graham said, “Do you think these people just accidentally let this happen, that they were blind to what was going on. Their attitudes suggest to me that they fostered this.”

Lastly when asked if he’s given up on his friendship with Joe Biden, Sen. Graham said “I find it kind of odd that the story is about me and Joe Biden rather than Hunter Biden.”

Watch the full interview below: