President Trump has often touted the economy, calling it the "best ever!" Is that true? While the unemployment rate is at historical lows and the markets are at record highs, there are some signs consumers are being 'cautious' and spending less this holiday season. Capitalist Pig Hedge Fund Manager and Fox News Contributor Jonathan Hoenig weighs in on the economy under the Trump administration and why consumer may be concerned despite all the good economic news.

It has been a polarizing time in Washington with partisan lines drawn and while most Democrats will vote to impeach the president, it is unclear if all Democrats will back it. Many moderate Democrats and first-term House members in Trump states have to consider one of the most important votes of their career. Democrat Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin is one of them. Representative Slotkin joins today's podcast to explain why she is still undecided on whether she will vote to impeach the president or not.

Plus, commentary by  FOX News Legal analyst Gregg Jarrett.