A lot of media's focus has been on impeachment lately and how the legal and political fight could impact 2020.

But there are other big issues looming over next year's Presidential race and many of them are being battled over at the Supreme Court.

Earlier this week, Fox News Chief Legal Correspondent Shannon Bream joined The Fox News Rundown to discuss which cases can have an impact on November's election.

Bream, who also hosts of FOX News @ Night, explained how some High Court decisions on gun control laws, immigration and abortion could motivate a candidate's base. She even raised the possibility of there being a vacancy in the Supreme Court next year and how that could have huge implications on the race.

During our conversation with Shannon Bream, the Fox News host also looked back on her her career, discussed her own podcast "Livin' The Bream", and opened up about a recent health problem left her exhausted and depressed.

Bream explained how she struggled with a double vision and migraines for nearly two years thank to a severe dry eye problem. She confessed the pain was so bad that she considered suicide. It was a side of a Fox News host you rarely get to see on TV.

Unfortunately because of time, our original segment focused only on Supreme Court and none of Bream's personal story made the original podcast.

On The Fox News Rundown Extra, you will hear our full interview with Shannon Bream and hear how she eventually overcame her painful ordeal. Her story of struggle and hope is truly worth a listen.