President Trump isn't holding back when it comes to his controversial trade policies. The President clashed with French President Emanuel Macron at the NATO summit in London over France's new tax on tech giants that will affect American companies. The United States now saying it will retaliate and impose tariffs of their own on French goods. FOX Business Network host David Asman weighs in on the current trade dispute between the US and France. Plus he discusses where we are with the China trade war and if we are any closer to passing the USMCA before the year ends.

The next impeachment hearing is today. And while House Republicans defend President Trump and argue he did nothing wrong, one of his 2020 GOP challengers Bill Weld says he deserves to be removed from office. The former Massachusetts Governor and Republican president candidate joins the Rundown to discuss the impeachment inquiry and why he thinks President Trump should not be reelected.

Plus, commentary by "The Guy Benson Show" host, Guy Benson.