Joe Lieberman has a reputation for being a political centrist. In fact, the former longtime Democrat Senator became an Independent in 2006. And two years later, he endorsed Republican Senator John McCain for president only eight years after being on the Democrat ticket as Al Gore's Vice Presidential running mate.

Earlier this week, Lieberman joined The Fox News Rundown to discuss the current direction of the Democrat party and the 2020 field.

The former Democrat Senator told host Chris Foster he agreed with former President Barack Obama who recently raised concerns about the party's direction. Lieberman said he believes some of the Democrat candidates policies were too expensive and wouldn't help the party defeat President Trump in 2020.

Lieberman also weighed in on Joe Biden's ongoing Burisma controversy, the current impeachment inquiry and the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton.

But his thoughts on his former party didn't stop there and because of time, much of the conversation couldn't make the original segment.

On The Fox News Rundown Extra you will hear more from Joe Lieberman including his stance on a topic that he and many Democrats disagree on: school choice.

Joe Lieberman, who is on the board of the American Federation for Children, explains why he is very unhappy with the Democratic candidates' education positions