Ty Pennington spent much of his career hosting home renovation reality shows.

On ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’, Pennington and his team spent nearly ten years helping families who were facing hardships by providing massive home improvements.
The TV personality has now turned his attention to helping small towns and some of their struggling businesses.

For the last four seasons on ‘Small Business Revolution’, Pennington and his co-host Amanda Brinkman take their team to communities in need of a Main Street makeover. With the help of contractors and business experts, they revitalize parks and sidewalks and provide support for the mom and pop businesses.

Recently The co-hosts joined the Fox News Rundown host Chris Foster to talk about why the show is important to them, and what they are hoping to accomplish.
Ty Pennington also discussed his career and how he went from a model to a TV host known for helping those in need.

The two shared so many stories and advice, not all of it could be used. Some of it never made the Rundown podcast.

On the Fox News Rundown extra you’ll hear more from ‘Small Business Revolution’ co-hosts Ty Pennington and Amanda Brinkman. You’ll hear even more about their mission and how they can help your community.