Jonah Goldberg, Editor-In-Chief of The Dispatch joined the Brian Kilmeade Show today to discuss yesterday’s impeachment hearings and predict how they think today’s proceedings will go. Goldberg believes that Devin Nunes and others on the right have tried to “muddy the waters” and say there’s a lot more there there to Ukrainian meddling in the election. He also stands by his position that President Trump is guilty, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he should be impeached. Goldberg said:

“I think Trump did it, I think he’s absolutely guilty of pressuring Ukraine into a quid pro quo, now we can say what were the terms of the quid pro quo, was the aid part of it or not part of it? We can have those kinds of arguments,  but it is just flatly obvious to me and to literally every Republican on the Hill I’ve talked to that he’s guilty, that he did it.”

Goldberg also addressed Hunter Biden getting a pass and President Trump’s “obsession” with him:

“ was just pissed off that he got tormented for two years and meanwhile Biden gets a free pass on all this. That’s unfair and I get that okay. So lets assume you’re absolutely right, it had absolutely nothing to do with 2020 and it just has to do with Trump’s seething resentment that he got a hard time and Joe Biden didn’t. That’s not in the national interest either, that is indulging your pet grievances and holding up military aid and all these other things because you’re ticked off and you’re offended.”

Lastly, Goldberg stood by his position that President Trump only cares about corruption when it comes to Ukraine, saying “he doesn’t care about corruption anywhere else in the world.”

Listen to the full interview below: