Eric Trump, Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization, joined the Brian Kilmeade Show today as week 2 of the impeachment hearings into his father President Donald Trump are underway. Eric told Brian Kilmeade that as invested he is in the whole situation, it’s “painful” to watch and the “Democratic Hail Mary” won’t be successful. Eric also challenged Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s testimony, saying “there’s absolutely nothing in the transcript, it was perfect.”

Trump also addressed the corruption by the left, saying “When are we going to start investigating real crimes that happen on the opposite side? The double standard is blaring, it’s horrible they get away with corruption every single day and it gets swept under the rug.”

When asked if attorney Rudy Giuliani helped or hurt President Trump in this situation, Eric responded:

“I know Rudy incredibly well. He’s a good man… Probably pissed off at what happened with the Russian hoax and fake dossiers and the corruption that’s happening by the Democrats, and the fact that that no one’s being held accountable for any of that. Rudy probably wants to get to the bottom of why that is and what was actually happening.”

He continued, “My father’s a pretty direct guy… If he wanted something he would have just asked the President for it, and he didn’t ask the President for it. Why would he go through these channels?”

Listen to the full interview below: