Mike Rowe has both a face and voice recognizable to millions of Americans.

The TV personality has been featured on multiple TV shows, commercials and hosts a very popular podcast.

Rowe who spent a lot of his TV career working alongside blue-collar workers on shows like “Dirty Jobs” and is considered a champion of skilled labor by some.

Mike Rowe’s latest book, “The Way I Heard It”, is a collection of stories from his own life and his podcast of the same name.

Rowe joined the FOX News Rundown recently to discuss what it was like having a career that spanned selling merchandise on QVC to crawling through … dirty sewer pipes.

Unsurprisingly, Rowe shared a lot great stories with host Lisa Brady and due to time, we couldn’t get all of them in our original segment.

On The Fox News Rundown Extra, you’ll hear more from this compelling storyteller.

Rowe explains why he is so interested in the extraordinary acts or ordinary people. He also discusses his advocacy for the blue-collar worker and why much of his career was inspired by his granddad.