House Democrats take their impeachment inquiry to the next level today as public hearings are set to begin. Supporters of President Trump have called the probe a scam. Democrats say Trump abused his power. Will today’s hearings change anything or is it just a show? FOX’s Senior Judicial Analyst Andrew Napolitano discusses what we might see in today’s hearings, and what may happen if articles of impeachment move to the Senate.

The 2020 Democratic presidential field could still get bigger. Former New York Mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg has filed paperwork to qualify for the primary in Alabama, although he has not made a formal statement about running in 2020. Meanwhile, former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is said to be also considering to join the presidential race. What do these last-minute bids suggest about the Democrat field? Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr.  (D-TN) joins the FOX News Rundown to weigh in on why he thinks it’s good for the Democratic Party to have a ‘reset’ and add more voices in the field.

Plus, commentary by FOX News contributor Liz Peek.