One year ago this week, a wildfire in California labeled "The Camp Fire" destroyed the town of Paradise.

It was the worst fire the state had ever seen.

According to Cal Fire, eighty five people were killed. Some of them were trapped in their cars trying to escape the extremely fast-moving blaze.

Nearly nineteen thousand homes and other structures were destroyed.

On the Fox News Rundown, host Jessica Rosenthal spoke to three survivors of that horrible disaster.

All three shared their stories and told the podcast how they escaped, what life has been like after the devastation and how their starting to rebuild their homes and their lives. The interviews were emotional to say the least. All three had a lot to share.

Because of time, this week's Rundown segment could only include a small part of each survivor's incredible story.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra, you'll hear more from one of the survivors feature in this week's segment, Michelle John.

John is the superintendent of the Paradise Unified School District. Besides being responsible for helping hundreds of children flee to safety, it was also her job to give those students a sense of normalcy after the devastation was done.

The district lost nearly half its schools, all but one were damaged. John describes how she helped the community rebuild and provide the local children a place to learn.

Michelle John also shares her personal story and what has happened to her in the year since the Camp Fire.