Today is Election Day in some states and although President Trump’s name is not on the ballot this year, the stakes are still high. The president has already campaigned in Kentucky and Mississippi, states holding their gubernatorial elections today. Later this week he will be campaigning in Louisiana where voters go to the polls on November 16th. All three are red states the president won big in 2016 and all three could be in play for Democrats. FOX News politics reporter Paul Steinhauser discusses how the governors’ races will affect President Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Charles Krauthammer’s influence is still felt in the hallways of Fox News. The late commentator’s unique insight and perspective on politics is missed, not just by his fans, but his peers and even some of the politicians he sometimes criticized. The renowned political analyst and regular Fox News Special Report panelist had a well-deserved reputation for calling out those in power.  A book of Charles’ writing, collected by his son Daniel, highlights some of his great work. On the Fox News Rundown, Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier sits down with Daniel Krauthammer to discuss Charles’s legacy and what he’d make of this moment of history.

Plus, commentary by Townhall editor and FOX News contributor Katie Pavlich.