Facebook has no doubt changed the way many of us communicate, get news and spend our time. The social media platform has over two-billion users around the world and there's a good chance you're one of them.

Thanks in part to the company's popularity and influence, Facebook and it's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg face regular scrutiny form lawmakers, the media and its own customers.

Fox News Channel's Dana Perino recently got the opportunity to sit with down with Zuckerberg and ask him about all the questions surrounding the company he founded.

Portions of the rare, exclusive interview originally aired on the Dana's Fox News Channel show "The Daily Briefing" and the Fox News Rundown. Zuckerberg was asked about a handful big issues including accusations of liberal bias, election security and the increasing calls to regulate "big tech" companies like his.

However, because the conversation was so long, not all of it could be used. Some of it never made it on TV or the Rundown podcast.

On the Fox News Rundown extra this week, you'll hear Dana Perino's entire interview with Mark Zuckerberg. In the full conversation, you'll hear how the Facebook CEO feels about his company's growing political and societal influence and how he thinks it should be balanced. Zuckerberg also opens up about his personal life and discusses how much screen time he allows his own children to have.