Since withdrawing U.S. forces from Northern Syria and leaving our allies the Kurds to fend off Turkish fighters, President Trump has received backlash from both parties. Critics say the decision is good news for countries like Iran and Russia who could gain leverage in the region. But President Trump says it is time we "let someone else fight over this long, blood-stained sand." So, who are the winners and losers after this week's developments in Syria? Former CIA Chief of Station and FOX News Contributor Daniel Hoffman weighs in on the conflict in Syria.

Ty Pennington spent much of his career hosting home renovation reality shows. The TV personality has now turned his attention to helping small businesses. In the fourth season of Small Business Revolution, Pennington and his cohost Amanda Brinkman take their team to Searcy, Arkansas to revitalize the small town and help its mom and pop businesses. The cohosts join the podcast to talk about why the show is important to them, and what they are hoping to accomplish.

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