Our world today is not short on spiritual gurus who want to help you discover a hope and a purpose for your life. But what about a 4th century African priest? Would he have anything pertinent to say to you, to today's people of the digital age or millennials about how to find your reason for being? Well, if the person is St. Augustine of Hippo, then the answer is a resounding, Yes!  Philosopher and author James K. A Smith, takes a more contemporary look at Augustine and his famous tome, Confessions, in his book, 'On The Road With Saint Augustine'.  James calls it, "an invitation to journey with an ancient African who will surprise you by the extent to which he knows you."  While Augustine is one of the pillars and fathers of the Catholic Church, Smith actually compares him to modern day, pop culture icons like Jay Z, as the priest takes a raw look at who he is and who we strive to be in the reality of who God is. Smith says Augustine is less judge and more AA sponsor. He's the kind of priest who wants to walk with us through our struggles to do what is right, because whatever it is we've done, he's done it as well. He knows what it means to want, to strive for success, to work towards a higher goal, only to see it become an unsatisfying achievement that leaves us wanting more. In this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Smith explores St. Augustine's take on sex, justice, freedom and Death. In the eyes of Augustine, we are all prodigals, searching for a way to come home into the Father's embrace.