Admiral James Stavridis (Ret), former Supreme Allied Commander at NATO and currently a member of the Carlyle Group, spoke with Brian Kilmeade about his new book "Sailing True North: Ten Admirals and the Voyage of Character". Admiral Stavridis also discussed the news of the day, including, the latest on the ramifications of President Trump's decision to remove troops from Syria. Admiral Stavridis says the precipitous decision to withdraw troops has made Turkey, Russia, Syria and ISIS the winners and the losers are the United States' reputation and NATO. Admiral Stavridis believes Turkey would not have gone into Syria if President Trump said that we would not move our troops out of the region and told President Erdoğan to work this out. Admiral Stavridis also weighed in on the backlash against the NBA for siding with China over Hong Kong, saying that we need a national strategy for American companies who do business with China by coming up with a way to protect the rights and values of America.

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