The Democrats continue to charge ahead with their inquiry and putting pressure on the President by subpoenaing more members of his administration. At the same time, a new Fox News poll shows 51 percent want the president impeached and removed from office. But does that mean the impeachment math is starting to swing in the Democrat's favor?  FOX's Bret Baier weighs in on the latest Fox News polls and the impact of the impeachment inquiry and the Syria situation on the 2020 election.

More than two million Americans are now believed to be dealing with some sort of opioid addiction. In a new three-part documentary streaming on Fox Nation, "America's Opioid Conspiracy: Pills, Payoffs and Pain", Fox News contributor and practicing physician Nicole Saphier takes a look at how this crisis began. Dr. Saphier joins the podcast to discuss the film and why she thinks pharmaceutical companies have made the opioid epidemic worse by misleading both doctors and patients about their powerful drugs.

Don't miss the good news with FOX's Tonya J. Powers.

Plus, commentary by FOX News contributor and the host of 'Reality Check' on FOX Nation, David Webb.