Democrats are moving forward with their impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Three committees - the House Foreign Affairs, Intelligence and Oversight - have scheduled depositions for this week and subpoenaed more documents regarding the president's dealings with Ukraine. Former independent counsel Ken Starr gives his take on the impeachment inquiry and explains why he thinks it's not a good move for our country.

A true health scare or hysteria? An apparent outbreak of illnesses and even deaths reportedly being linked to vaping has caused a nationwide crackdown. Retailers are pulling e-cigarettes from their shelves and states are banning some products. Defenders of vaping warn severe restrictions of related products could drive some Americans back to traditional smoking - something they say is far more dangerous. Is the increased scrutiny of vaping justified?  Fox News Medical Correspondent Doctor Marc Seigel and Executive Director for the Vapor Technology Association Tony Abboud weigh in.

Plus, commentary by Senior Director of Research at and FOX News Contributor Jessica Tarlov.