She is the daughter of the most famous evangelist America, and probably the modern world has ever known. Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of Billy Graham, has made a ministry of her own, for the generations who perhaps didn’t know the man who was once called America’s Pastor. Anne’s faith is not inherited per se. But it is in her DNA. It is definitely her own; bought and paid for through a life of enduring prayer, trust, and humility. Now in her early 70’s she has several  life altering tragedies in her rear view mirror. Traumas that would crush the average person: the death of her father, the death of her husband of almost 50 years, and now the fight against breast cancer. But through it all she still has joy. And she credits the Holy Spirit with getting her through. Her latest book, Jesus In Me,  takes a deeper dive into that mysterious member of Christianity’s Holy Trinity of Father, Son, Holy Spirit. It is Anne’s candidness about struggle and pain that is so heartwarming… and in the end, a wonderful positive voice in a world that has so few places to turn for real comfort and caring.