Fox News Rundown Extra: Rudy Giuliani Lets Loose!

The Whistleblower controversy is dominating the headlines and could put Donald Trump’s Presidency in jeopardy.

Rudy Giuliani, one of the key figures at the center of the latest White House scandal, joined the Fox News Rundown this week to talk about it. And he had a lot to say.

On Thursday’s podcast, Giuliani sat down with host Dave Anthony to defend the President against allegations he had inappropriately pressured the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Those allegations made in a whistleblower’s complaint released earlier this week led to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launching an official impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Something the Democrat leader had put off for months despite pressure from many members of her party.

The President’s personal attorney vehemently disputed claims the President’s phone call with Zelensky included an offer of a ‘quid pro quo’ or violated any laws. However, he defended Trump’s effort to have the Ukrainians look in to the Biden’s family and rejected the arguments made some legal experts that this request alone is a federal crime.

Giuliani has made it his mission for months to expose what he calls the ‘dishonesty’ and ‘corruption’ of the Biden family. On the Rundown, He laid out a long detailed case against the former Vice President and his son, accusing them of money laundering and using their political influence to get rich. The former federal prosecutor’s list of allegations against Joe and Hunter Biden was so long and complex, we couldn’t fit it all in to a single segment.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra this week, you will learn more about Giuliani’s role in the events that led to this week’s controversy. You will also hear his plans to uncover a conspiracy that includes the Democrats, liberal billionaire George Soros and the 2016 election.

The New York City mayor also explains why he thinks the Democrats’ effort to impeach the President will backfire and actually help the Republican party in 2020.

There was a lot to unravel. Here is your chance to hear everything Rudy Giuliani had to say.