President Trump's 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale spoke with Brian Kilmeade about how the Democrats push for impeachment shows they cannot beat President Trump in 2020 and will lie and cheat to defeat him, a massive increase in fundraising from supporters after yesterday's Ukraine hearing, how President Trump will protect American's personal freedoms when it comes to vaping and the 2nd Amendment, why Senator Warren will be the democrat nominee in 2020 and how Hunter Biden's corruption will bring down former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Plus, Brad Parscale thinks Labradoodles are great dogs since he has two of them!

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BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX NEWS RADIO HOST: And that is the president of the United States talking about the push for impeachment, there's inquiry on it (ph) right now. The story's raging on all these channels. And Brad Parscale, the man in charge of taking this information, the current state of the economy and the country, and getting the president four more years.

He is in charge of the Trump 2020 reelection campaign and he's walking his dog. So we're going to hear a slice of Brad Parscale's life as well as his profession.

Brad, thanks so much for doing this.


KILMEADE: Good, good. So everyone's talking about the Democrats, they're energized because of this impeachment inquiry and what happened yesterday.

What has it done for Trump 2020?

PARSCALE: Well, I mean, I think one of the most amazing things is just the fundraising we've had in the last 48 hours. I mean, as soon as they -- they started this attack, I think Americans, and -- and Republicans, and supporters of the president all over the country, they started voting with their wallet.

And you know, this is the one thing they can do right now. They can donate. And we've had just thousands and thousands and nearly millions of dollars in donations come in (ph). Sometimes -- many first-time donors. To just see the hypocrisy and the things they're doing right now, and they're upset that their vote is being stolen.

KILMEADE: You know, there was a sense that the more you pushed on the -- if you pushed for impeachment after the Mueller probe, it was good for the president.

But this is something brand new, it's -- everything's happening quicker, maybe it's more understandable.

Does that worry you?

PARSCALE: No, I'm not worried at all. I'm actually -- if you -- if you saw my statements, I'm pretty confident.

Look, the president was sent there from the people to actually deal with this kind of, you know, corruption and to -- and to fight the swamp, and that's what he's doing.

He's doing exactly what the people sent him there to do. And I think -- I don't think one American is going punish him for that.

And the Democrats just know they can't beat him in 2020, so they want to try to use anything they can and lie and cheat to defeat it.

KILMEADE: And that is proof that you did tell the truth. You are walking your dog and he seemed to be startled by something.



KILMEADE: We'll cover that story, get a correspondent on it.

A couple other things, how close -- have you been in touch with the president?

I will tell you my observation. He had an unbelievably productive United Nations series of meetings.

I know international relations don't usually mean poll numbers, but I think he was really disheartened in his final press conference. He was as subdued as I've (ph) seen him.

I know you could easily say I'm wrong, but you know him as well as anybody. Could you give insight (ph) --


KILMEADE: Can you give me his mindset?

PARSCALE: So I think, first of all -- I mean, like -- you know, I think, like, Merkel and some of these people only did like two or three bilaterals.

I mean, this is how hard the president is working. He's, like, doing 10 -- 11, I think in one day. I mean, he -- he wants to do three times as much as anybody else, plus one.

And that's -- that's just his mindset. I've known him for so long. He always wants to do a little more. There's always more I can do today.

I talked about this from the last rallies, the last days of the 2016 election to U.N. meetings, he's a fighter and he wants to do more.

Look, I don't think he's -- I don't think he's stepped (ph) one step back from this.

He's -- as you saw yesterday in his -- in his -- in his press conference -- hey, sorry -- in his press conference that he's ready to fight.

And he wants to -- he wants to -- he wants to support the American people. Sorry. We're walking by a dog.

KILMEADE: No, I understand. What kind of dog do you have?

PARSCALE: I have -- I have two Labradoodles. My wife picked them out. They're like -- but (ph) they're labs and they just -- they're funny dogs.

KILMEADE: Right. I mean, did you hear the creator of the Labradoodle feels as though they created Frankenstein and they regret doing it?


PARSCALE: No, they're good dogs. One of them is 9-months-old though, so he gets a little frisky when he walks by dogs.

KILMEADE: The president's got an agenda left.

Number one, the USMCA, he's looking at some type of gun legislation. He -- the White House reached out to Senator Murphy.

He also -- there's talk about doing something on the vaping with the new revelations, and the -- and the 12 deaths and the 400 who've been sickened.

What -- what do you want him -- just from a pure pollster perspective, what do you want to see him tackle?

PARSCALE: Yes, look, I think one thing everybody needs to understand with this president, he's about personal freedom. You know, like he's going to -- he's going to protect the Second Amendment. He's always going to do that.

He's going to protect the personal freedom of you to -- you know, to vape. I think those are things that he wants. He wants to make sure -- but he also cares about people's safety and children. And I think he's -- he's bothered personally by, you know, some of the young people that have been affected by this.

But overall, everything about him is about personal freedom. And we're the party of freedom. And the other party wants to take things away and control what you can and can't do, from -- even if that's a plastic straw in your -- in your drink.

They want to tell you how to live -- they want -- how much sugar you can have, everything else.

We believe that -- and I -- and I truly believe the Republican Party is the party of freedom.

KILMEADE: So you think cracking down with kids under 18, but letting people do what they want to do. Whether it's chewing tobacco, smoking, smoking cigars, you don't want to touch that. But you do -- you would -- you would like to see him maybe go into the education of the high schools and controlling these companies from advertising?

PARSCALE: Yes, look, I think -- I think we always as adults have to protect our children. But yes, I also don't think that -- you know, I think protecting personal freedom is very important.

And it's why -- you know when I -- when I got into this -- I was in politics before this, when I started seeing the Democrats just want to tell us how we live, what we do, everything -- they control it (ph) because they're smarter than us.

I just knew that President Trump was the right person was the right person to make sure that we're protected. And he's going to do that. He's going to protect our Second Amendment also.

KILMEADE: Brad Parscale in charge of Trump 2020 has been working extremely hard with some very unique, cutting-edge ways of doing it.

Number one is setting up a monster list of anyone who's ever gone to a rally or expressed interest. They're on his tweet list or his text list.


KILMEADE: So Brad, guns is a dicey issue, and I understand there's some friction in the House -- within the White House in that the suburban moms are now for the first time in favor of some type of legislation that might make their kids at school safer and their community safer. And we also know how much the NRA and gun rights Second Amendment means to Republicans.

Is there a sweet spot?

PARSCALE: Look, I mean that's something for the White House to talk about. I don't -- I'm not going to get into legislation with you.

But, like, I think that -- I think this electorate and the people who are going to come out and vote for Donald Trump just want to make sure that they don't start down a slippery slope of trying to remove their personal freedoms.

And I think the president's going to protect that at all costs. While at the same time --

KILMEADE: When you -- right.

PARSCALE: -- he wants to protect the -- I mean, he wants to protect children. He wants to do what's -- he wants to do it (ph) right.

And doing what Beto wants to do and come take guns is the craziest thing ever. And that's not how we make our -- our world safer. That's just -- that's just psychotic talk.

KILMEADE: The emergence of Warren over Biden, does that make you happier?

PARSCALE: Look, I think -- I think Warren is -- I think Warren's continuing to rise. I think she's -- she will be the nominee, that -- I have said that for, I think, five months and people thought I was crazy.

And if you look at the trends, she continues to rise while he continues to fall. And I -- and I think this -- you know, the corruption of Hunter Biden and what happened with, you know, getting millions from China and Ukraine and everywhere else while his father is the vice president.

You know - the millions (ph) - the Biden's have made (ph) office is a corruptional -- take them down Democrat Party. I've always said he was never going to increase one point. He was only going to decrease.

Since -- since his announcement, he's never gone up one point. I think he's only gone down. And that's what Biden does every time he's ever run.


KILMEADE: I want you to hear what Jim Cramer said yesterday on CNBC about Elizabeth Warren, cut 41.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think Elizabeth Warren pushes banks into - they were already down 20 percent from behind (ph).

JIM CRAMER, CNBC: I don't what's going happen. Look, I've got to tell you, when you get off the desk and you talk to executives, they're more fearful of her winning.

I mean I've never heard anybody say look, she's got to be stopped, she's got to be stopped. I don't know. She's very - she keeps going up in the polls.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She's raised a ton of money.

CRAMER: She's going to win Iowa I believe. She's a very compelling figure on the stump (ph).


KILMEADE: And she (ph) -- said he went on to say that if he wins he has people that (ph) go to - they're going to vote Trump that normally would not. That's how much --

PARSCALE: I 100 percent agree. Look, I think the president beats Warren handedly (ph).

But I think the progressive left, the Democrat Party, the establishment that's there -- whether that's in the actual votes or in the convention or whatever -- they want Warren to win.

This is what they want, they want a progressive woman to win, and I think that's where they're going. And I think that's what the party wants also.

I think Biden is being - he's going to be (ph) attacked from both sides.

KILMEADE: He is, and it looks like you want Warren to win too. Brad Parscale thanks for your dog walking time. We appreciate it.

PARSCALE: Thank you buddy (ph).

KILMEADE: You got it. Brian Kilmeade Show, Brad Parscale from 2020.