National Review Editor Charles Cooke on Impeachment Inquiry: What Trump Did Was Not Good, But This Isn’t Going Anywhere

Democrats in the House of Representatives are moving forward with an impeachment inquiry to explore whether the US president should effectively be put on trial by the US Congress and, if convicted, removed from office. The key accusation is that Trump put pressure on a foreign government to dish up dirt on one of the leading Democratic candidates to challenge him in next yearís presidential election, the former vice-president Joe Biden. Under US election law, it is illegal to seek the help of foreign entities for personal political gain. Trumpís efforts to solicit information on Biden appears to fall squarely into that category, and though sitting presidents cannot be charged with a criminal offense they can be impeached by Congress.

How bad is this for President Trump? Charles Cooke, editor of National Review Online and the author of The Conservatarian Manifesto weighs in.

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