India is one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world. Although it is majority Hindu, it has some 200 million Muslims, as well as Sikhs, Jews…. and a native Christian population dating back 2000 years. In fact, Christianity in India has deeper roots than in America. Which is why it is an extremely disturbing fact to Bishop Joseph D’Souza of Good Shepherd church that his country has just entered the top ten list of nations where Christians are  most persecuted. He blames a small band of extremist Hindus, who’ve painted Christians as an enemy of the state and have marketed the lie that Christians are involved in forced conversions. As President Trump this week sounded the alarm at the United Nations for countries to rally together in a shared value of religious freedom, Bishop D’Souza has the detailed forensics of why religious persecution has grown, and continues to be a threat to global peace.