Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-VA/5) on Being Censured by Rappahannock GOP: Total Political Move

The Rappahannock County Republican Party in Virginia censured Rep. Denver Riggleman (R-Va.), accusing the freshman GOP lawmaker of “abandoning party principles,” including on fiscal spending and immigration. But the lawmaker’s office pushed back, defending his conservative record and saying the action had been taken “to punish” Riggleman after he officiated a same-sex wedding in July.

Congressman Riggleman responds: “Well here’s the thing Guy and there’s three things here. While you were talking and I really appreciate you having me on too. Number one I don’t think of them as gay friends. I just saw them as friends you know. And that was the first thing, the second thing is that I believe that liberty. I believe that religion and civil liberties. Freedom of religion civil liberties can live in the same space. And I also believe that freedom and liberty doesn’t stop at the bedroom door. I mean it’s a it’s just a very simple belief system of mine on equal protection before the law. And looking at friends like that who obviously loved each other and asked me they knew that this could be a problem and I knew it could be a problem the more problem for them and I feel sorry for them because of what they’ve had to see and read. So for me I’m OK Guy I’m going to be fine. I just wish that people would use real processes or if they really had an issue with me on something they wouldn’t try to pivot to something else. Every time it’s a typical political move it’s a small committee where a lot of people voted to support me and then they had a process that was very iffy and that’s going to come out here pretty soon. And you know you just are scratching your head like what are we doing here.”

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