If you've walked through a shopping mall or an airport terminal, you've probably whiffed the savory and sweet scents of Auntie Anne's Pretzels. They are some of the most popular franchise eats around. But what you probably don't know is story of the woman who started it all: Anne Beiler. Her rise from sheltered Amish girl to high powered businesswoman, is a unique journey filled with the pain of a toddler daughter's tragic death, to years of sexual abuse from the very person she reached out to for help in dealing with the pain. But to talk to her today, she is happy and hopeful, because she says her Christian faith has given her a joy 'that surpasses all understanding.' On this episode of Lighthouse Faith podcast, Anne Beiler talks about her life story is told in her new book, "The Secret Lies Within: An Inside Out Look At Overcoming Trauma And Finding Purpose In The Pain." The 'Secret Lies' is a double entendre. It's about the secrecy of lies we tell ourselves that let abuse and pain fester. And, that the solution to that same pain from abuse, is exposing the secrets to the light of faith.