It’s sometimes hard to tell the difference between truth and fiction when reading Jonathan Cahn’s books. So much of what he writes about is based on real people, real events, and predictions for the future, that one commentator called him a modern-day Nostradamus. His new book The Oracle, is in line with his previous offers, “The Harbinger” and “The Paradigm”.  Cahn says the story is merely the vehicle through which he delivers his message of biblical truth. He’s Jewish, but was an atheist until he researched some of the biblical prophecies tied to the Jewish tradition of  the reading of the scrolls. “They’re appointed words that are read every week on the Sabbath in the synagogues.” This latest book draws on a biblical prophecy, from the words of Moses that predicted a foreigner’s visit to the Land of Israel and sees its desolation. Cahn says that victor came 150 years ago, and that it was Mark Twain, whose famous book “The Innocents Abroad”, described the desolation of the Holy Land. What’s more, the reading of the Jewish scrolls during the same week, read the words of Moses predicting the visit. You can choose to not believe all that Cahn ties together, but regardless, it’s a fascinating way to view today’s events, and even today’s politicians, like President Donald Trump, whose coming to power, is also featured in the book as predicted in biblical prophecy.