Former Congressman and conservative radio host Joe Walsh used to spend a lot of time defending President Trump and harshly attacking the President's numerous political foes. However, earlier this week, Walsh announced he would challenge Mr. Trump in the Republican presidential primary. He is also apologizing for some of the 'horrible' things he said in the past. So what's changed? Joe Walsh joins the Rundown to explain why he doesn't want President Trump in the White House for another four years.

The Business Roundtable, a lobbying group composed of America's top CEOs , has pledged in a statement that shareholders' profits will no longer be the top priority. The group promises to give employee, the environment and society at large equal weight to stockholders. Critics though, aren't buying the pledge. Nell Minow, Vice Chair of ValueEdge Advisors joins today's podcast to discuss.

Plus, commentary by FOX Nation host Tomi Lahren.