Former Democratic Senator Joe Lieberman isn’t bothered by former Vice President Joe Biden’s gaffes, but does have concerns the party is drifting too far left.

Earlier in the week, Lieberman, the first and only Jewish candidate on a major party’s presidential ticket, sat down with the Fox News Rundown to respond to President Trump’s controversial remarks claiming any Jewish American who votes Democrat is disloyal to Israel. Lieberman told Fox News’ Chris Foster he understood why some Jewish leaders thought the remarks sounded like anti-Semitic tropes and hoped the President would clarify.

On the Fox News Rundown Extra this week, our full interview with Joe Lieberman where he breaks down the Democrat candidates and issues a warning to them not to go too far left. Lieberman says he’s confident in the current front-runner Joe Biden’s abilities despite his age and gaffes, but names some candidates who could surprise him in the early primaries. He also believes the Democrats could lose votes if their platform includes radically liberal ideas including any policy that would hurt America’s relationship with Israel.