Trump 2020 Campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Harry Reid Ripping Dems Over Medicare-For-All: Very Rare to Call Reid Rational, But He Is Trying to Put The Breaks on This Radical Turn to Socialism

Former Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid had some harsh words for his party’s presidential candidates, rejecting some of their health care and immigration policies as too extreme to resonate with voters in a general election. Reid, during a newly published interview with Vice, specifically took aim at “Medicare-for-all” and calls by many candidates to decriminalize illegal border crossings. The blunt-talking former Nevada senator suggested any Democratic nominee running on these issues could face trouble. “People want a fair immigration system. They don’t want an open-door invitation for everybody to come at once,” Reid said in the interview with Vice. When asked if supporting decriminalization could be bad for Democrats in 2020, Reid said, “Of course it is.”

Trump 2020 Campaign National Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany weighed in on the Guy Benson Radio show.

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