If your college-bound student is taking philosophy this fall semester, beware that they are in danger of losing what religious faith they have. That’s because some 70 percent of college philosophy professors are atheists, and they have no problem challenging impressionable minds on why they believe there is no God. But, and here’s the good news if you’re  a person of faith, some philosophers are coming back to religion.  In a new book called, Faith & Reason, editors Brian Besong and Jonathan Fuqua chart this new trend emerging in philosophy. In the book,  eleven well-known philosophy professors divulge their conversion stories of why they found faith a suitable companion to reason.  It’s mainly, for the simple fact that faith answered questions about why things happened, that reason alone could not make sense of. Questions like, ‘why is there anything at all?’ are queries that are out of the realm of science. Why atheism grew so much among intellectuals in the past century is a question that Besong and Fuqua can answer as well. But the reason for the growth of atheism is also quite simple.