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Guy Benson [00:00:00] Back on this Friday edition of THE GUY BENSON show. Thanks for being here. I am Guy Benson in New York tonight. I am excited, I am going to the Yankees game later, so I’m in a good mood. They swept a double header last night. So even better mood. Joining me now in studio is Anthony Scaramouche who’s founder of Sky Bridge Capital, of course former White House Communications Director, and he joins me in studio. Hey Anthony.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:00:19] Hey Guy, great to be here. Thanks for having me.

Guy Benson [00:00:20] It’s my pleasure. So let’s talk about you had a bit of a dust up this week right.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:00:25] It’s all it’s all good. I mean it’s just a bunch of babies I mean at the end of the day I’m a big boy. I’m gonna tell people the truth. I’m a businessman not a politician, and so these guys I guess they think I offended the president by telling him the truth about something I if they don’t want me to eat lobster with them I’ll eat lobster in the Hamptons by myself. I’m totally fine. He’s a real big deal.

Guy Benson [00:00:45] So let’s back up and talk about the initial truth that you told right. So the president put out the tweets, we talked about it extensively on the air, tweets about how the squad should go back where they came from a lot of people saw that as bigoted, nativist, many people using the word racist, and you came out and said this is not the type of thing that Trump should be saying.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:01:03] Well I mean you can’t use the words go back to the country you came especially to Italian Americans, Irish Americans, that grew up with grandparents that had that said to them… I was with one of my clients who’s a very wealthy Egyptian, he got here at age four, was told for the first 20 years of his life to go back to the country that he came from. It’s just not a it’s not a good thing for the president to say so. So by the way, I don’t like the squad. I think they are anti-Semitic. I think they are against America– in a lot of ways, but they are democratically elected leaders in the House, and they are all citizens of the United States, and so…

Guy Benson [00:01:42] And three of them were born here by the way.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:01:43] And so we need to beat them in the intellectual free marketplace of ideas. That’s what we need to beat them. We need explaining American people how bad they are, how destructive and corrosive they’ll be to our society, but you know what it’s America. We’re woven with this multiple at myth at the fabric. And we have to tolerate each other, we have to stay in that melting pot together. And so I don’t agree with them, I don’t like many of them– in terms of their personas, but I respect their right to be here, and I respect their right to say what they’re saying. I just want to beat the pants off in a debate intellectually.

Guy Benson [00:02:20] Yeah I mean I totally agree. So he put out that tweet, then there was a subsequent firestorm over a chant at one of his rallies– some of his supporters chanting “send her back,” about Ilhan Omar, he’s disavowed that. I assume you think that that was great.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:02:34] That was great. Listen, I think he’s also sent the message to people that are close to him that he’s going to stop doing that, and that if people start chanting like that, he’ll ask them to stop.

Guy Benson [00:02:43] You think he’ll intervene in the future?

Anthony Scaramucci [00:02:46] I do, I believe that he will–yes. Because, you know, at the end of the day, he’s not a racist. I mean so, so this is not about him being a racist. But what I said the other night, I really mean this… If a racist thinks that you’re a racist, then you may want to rethink the things that you’re saying. OK. So you just can’t go in that direction. I care for the president. You know,  I’m a very loyal person, I got fired. I, you know from our past conversations, I accept full responsibility for my firing. I’ve never blamed it on anybody other than I made a mistake. If the president thought that that was a fireable offense and he decided to fire me, he’s got the toughest job in the world. I accepted the responsibility for that, but I also stay loyal to his agenda and staying loyal to the president requires him to have honest friends that are going to talk to him candidly in that situation.

Guy Benson [00:03:31] Does he have enough of that, you think?

Anthony Scaramucci [00:03:33] Well, I don’t know. I mean I’m not close enough to the situation anymore. But in the conversations that I’ve had, which I have to sort of keep off the record, that some of them been inside the White House, some of them have been outside the White House, former staffers, current friends… I think he’s sent a message to everybody that he gets it and he’s going to direct himself in his campaign in a way that is more unifying and he’s got such an amazing message okay. He has created an economic miracle in society. Somebody 50 years from now, maybe even sooner, will do a case study on the president’s common sense policies that have led to a broad-based American economic miracle, and also in many ways a global economic miracle because he’s increasing aggregate demand in the global society by his policies. So let’s focus on that. Let’s run on that. Let’s win on that and let’s keep the country together, we don’t need to throw Molotov cocktails in a country that’s somewhat politically divided and there’s some there’s some ethnic and racial soreness in the country.

Guy Benson [00:04:32] Yeah, and we will come back to the economy in just a second. I just want to circle back…

Anthony Scaramucci [00:04:36] My cholesterol is going to be lower on August 15th though because I’m going to be eating lobster.

Guy Benson [00:04:39] Well that’s that’s why I want to ask you…

Anthony Scaramucci [00:04:41] Maybe I’ll go with meat loaf so maybe the cholesterol be higher. I haven’t decided what I am going to eat on August 15th.

Guy Benson [00:04:44] You could you both– a little surf and turf.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:04:46] Maybe I’ll do that.

Guy Benson [00:04:47] I don’t think Meatloaf has ever been paired with lobster.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:04:49] What a bunch of babies though, I mean…

Guy Benson [00:04:50] So explain what happened here.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:04:52] So, I got invited, and by the way was a volunteer thing for me– flying down on my own expense, staying overnight at my own expense– to speak at the Lobster farce in Palm Beach County.

Guy Benson [00:05:04] At the Republican organization.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:05:04] Republican organization– the Republican Palm Beach County GOP invited me. I said this stuff is nonsense the president needs to walk it back, and so they disinvited me. And now, the president walked it back. I almost tweeted yesterday well the president walked it back, are you going to disinvite him too from the lobster fest?

Guy Benson [00:05:19] You actually showed tweet that.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:05:21] I should probably tweet that, but I mean the guy’s a bozo. I mean you know look I was calling him the lobster Nazi last night on television no like “no lobster for me,” I mean give me a break. You know, no lobster for you.

Guy Benson [00:05:31] He was upset that you were critical of the president.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:05:34] He was upset at me calling out the truth because he’s a politician. See what politicians like to do is to lie and they’d like to shade the truth. I’m astonished that more Republican elected leaders didn’t speak out to say hey come on Mr. President don’t do that. You know I mean oh no we’re doing it privately no you have to do it publicly. Reason we have to do publicly is that your leaders, you have to set an example and tell people what you really think and where its really at. Fraidy cat

Guy Benson [00:05:58] I think people are afraid.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:06:00] Fraidy cats, yeah.

Guy Benson [00:06:00] Which just which is sort of sad I think to see.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:06:03] It’s bad for the president because you know you don’t want to disavow yourself. If I throw an apple on a floor and I tell you there’s a loyalty test you’ve got to call that apple an orange. Well you can’t do that you can’t disavow yourself and your personal history and your integrity. And it’s not fair you say hey excuse me. You threw an apple on the floor that happens to be an apple. And by the way that Apple is going to hurt you. You’re not going to get re-elected if you keep going in that direction. So people can dislike me for that. Totally fine, could care less. I’m a business person. I have to do money, I have to do business deals on a handshake. I’m running 12 billion dollars a capital I got hundreds of millions of dollars in the air on a personal handshake and my personal integrity. I’m not gonna call an apple an orange for political purposes like these bozo politicians. Just not gonna do it.

Guy Benson [00:06:46] So the guy who disinvited you, he was very upset. He said we believe the president is not a racist, it was inappropriate for Anthony to say what he said, so on and so forth. I’ll point out he’s an African-American guy so.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:06:58] He’s an African-American. Just one of my best friends is an African-American. I had an intellectual debate with him last night about what the president said he called men’s voices. I’m right. OK. He’s black. Who cares it’s not it’s not because he’s black he has higher standing than me to call out something, as racist or not racist, it’s ridiculous. He’s a politically expedient dude. Tell the guy, get him on your show. Let him sit on the couch with me here. Let’s have an intellectual debate about what’s being said, and what the fairness of what’s being said. He’s shading himself because he didn’t want to be offensive to the president. You know what, I got no problem being offensive to the president. I think the president is doing an unbelievable job. I would love to see him get re-elected by a landslide. The stakes are very very high in this election. So we’re 15 months to go before the election. We’re not always running against. He’s obviously going to beat whoever he’s running against but let’s beat him fair and square without causing any type of racial tension in the society. That’s not necessary.

Guy Benson [00:07:54] This gentleman who disinvited you I read some quotes from him and he was saying well we also disinvited, a few years ago, Lindsey Graham because he had been critical of the president. He didn’t make a big stink the way Anthony is and I’m like well this is not a good defense of yourself. Anyone says a crossword about President Trump, and they’re out, they can’t come address your entire organization?

Anthony Scaramucci [00:08:15] What do you think. When they asked me about it, I said you’re a bozo. What do you want me to say, you’re not a bozo? I mean you know, if you’re a bozo, you’re a bozo. I’m not making a big stink about it. But if someone is asking me about it,  I’m going to tell you what I think about it.

Guy Benson [00:08:28] And the Republican Party should not be a cult of personality where you cannot say a single thing perceived to be negative about the grand leader. That’s weird to me.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:08:39] Totally, it’s stupid. But in fact, what that does is that it makes the intellectual arguments of the Republican Party weaker. What makes for a strong party and strong intellectual debate is that we’re each sharpening each other’s minds in that process. I’m on your team Guy. I don’t have to agree with you a hundred percent of the time. Remember that quote from Matt Cartwright, nine out of twelve vote for me, and Cartwright said if you 12 at age 12 of my views, you need a psychiatrist. Nine out of twelve vote for me. Twelve out of twelve you need a psychiatrist. If you’re looking for a purity test with a politician and you need to conform your personality like I don’t even know who the guy is the bozo guy from Palm Beach. If you need to conform your personality that much look in the mirror man. Something is wrong you. Tell the truth. You don’t have to be that conformist. That’s ridiculous.

Guy Benson [00:09:26] Meanwhile there’s a new NBC poll out today that shows approximately 70 percent of the American public says the economy is doing well. They find it either very or fairly strong– I believe was the exact wording. 70 percent. That’s really impressive. The president’s approval ratings at 48 percent in that same poll, which is pretty good for him. But still, you know, if he were at least 60 percent right?

Anthony Scaramucci [00:09:52] I think so. I mean if the president toned it down a little bit,  was a little bit more unifying, was a little less dividing with the rhetoric, lowered the volume on the tweeting, less non-strategic tweeting, more strategic tweeting… The stuff he’s saying about the Fed, as an example this one he’s very strategic, is very smart is very intuitive. It shows he really understands common sense wise what’s going on in the economy, but the non-strategic tweeting– if we could just dial it down a little bit, it would be an absolute homerun for him, and I think he goes to 60 percent.

Guy Benson [00:10:23] Because they talk on the other side they talk about how this is an economic boom only for the powerful, and the connected, and this is not even close to true.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:10:31] And it’s not true. I know I’ve been studying the economy for 31 years, I’m running 12 billion dollars of capital, founded two companies in the United States. The density and the width of the growth in the economy and the increases in wages at the bottom 10 percent. You got a 5.4 percent increase in wages for the bottom 10 percent of working Americans. This is unbelievable. The president has to be lauded for that, because what he explained with his policies it by just unshackling things deregulating a little. Recreating the right incentives in the tax code, you can unleash unbelievable economic growth entrepreneurial and otherwise and so for me, I definitely want him to win re-election. I’ll be working to help him win re-election. But let’s get away from areas where the United States of America and let’s get away from areas where the left or people can criticize him justifiably. We don’t need that. Okay let let’s have an intellectual debate. Let’s beat the squad. Let’s beat the Democratic candidate and we’ve got so much ammo in our arsenal to do that with when we don’t have to go in that direction.

Guy Benson [00:11:42] What do you think about the field on the Democratic side? Who scares you?When you want the president re-elected, you look at that crew on stage 20 of them you think all right– the biggest challenge or two for Trump might be who?

Anthony Scaramucci [00:11:56] Well listen I mean I’m a little bit of a contrarian. I think if they put Buttigieg, and they put Kamala Harris on the ticket and they put Buttigieg at the top of the ticket Kamala Harris is as his V.P., I think it’s going to be a very powerful ticket. That’s a ticket that could recreate the Barack Obama coalition. There’s enough going on there as it relates to progressive and young. I would say this to people just think about it this way, Democrats do better when they nominate a presidential candidate below the age of 50… John Kennedy, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter. Republicans do better when they nominate somebody above the age of 60… Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, Donald Trump. And so if they go with Joe Biden, I don’t think they’re going to materialize the voter participation that they need to beat somebody like President Trump.

Guy Benson [00:12:46] You look at the polling and Biden is up 10 or 11 points in a lot of the polls.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:12:49] It’s early.

Guy Benson [00:12:50] You think that would dissipate?

Anthony Scaramucci [00:12:53] I think it’ll dissipate. He also has a hard time of contact with the enemy. I said that even before the Kamala Harris debate. Oh he, you know, he fumbles the football when he’s in a controversial moment. When the lights are on, and if there is someone next to him that’s agitating him, he has a lot of malapropisms. That’s one of the main reasons why he didn’t survive ’88, or the other presidential races. He almost lost the debate to Sarah Palin, the governor of Alaska. And so, for me, I don’t see how Joe Biden is going to handle the Ronnie Lot of verbal contact. You ever see a president knock someone off a debate stage? I mean who’s going to put the person in the next week. So so somebody like Buttigieg has the calmness, and he never takes the president’s bait. Now maybe he doesn’t know who Alfred Newman is, I’m old enough to know who he is, but he handles it well and he rolls with it.

Guy Benson [00:13:41] Not a bad nickname, I will say.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:13:42] Yeah well it’s yeah it looks a little like him to be honest, but that’s fine. Doesn’t matter. What I love about Buttigieg is that he doesn’t care. OK. And so You can’t fight the president in the mud because these are very good mud fighter he’ll bloody you up and make you dirty. He’ll laugh and you’ll move on. You know the minute Marco Rubio called him little hands or whatever is dead. You know you can’t do that to the president because only he can do that. He’s a he’s a unique personality with those gifts.

Guy Benson [00:14:07] That is absolutely a true statement.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:14:10] So to me, those two they’re young. They put the coalition together. You know Kamala Harris is 55 so she’s a little older but she reads young too. Yeah. She she’s smart by the way. I’ll tell you quick funny story she’s not going to like but I’ll tell you the story anyway.  I happened to run into her in the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. She’s very charming her husband’s very nice. We shook hands and she looks we say Hey Mooch don’t be taking a selfie of you and me okay, I don’t want you ruining my political career. I thought that was great, you know what I mean. Like, she she was giving me guff, but she also meant it. You know, she was running for me as I have my iPhone up trying to take a selfie.

Guy Benson [00:14:49] Like no no. got to go.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:14:50] No no exactly. But I thought that was a brand. She’s smart.

Guy Benson [00:14:53] A nice hotel.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:14:54] She’s smart. The hotel is great. And we both happen to visit on that day the Yad Vashem memorial for the Holocaust. And it’s a very sad day. And you know look I mean the end of the day.

Guy Benson [00:15:05] That’s somewhere that the squad might want to go.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:15:06] Well it’s absolutely crazy. Take all four of the squad members there. But I’ll say on your show, which would never happen, I’ll say on your show, I’m willing to debate all four of the squad any time any place. We can go to the 92nd street Y, which is like a liberal home core for them. I’ll go anywhere they want. Okay. And I would like to destroy the four them in the intellectual marketplace of ideas because everything that they’re saying is either misinformed or it’s actually prejudicial anti-Semitic and they are ridiculously bigoted. And I just find it funny that they’re not even aware of it. So we could have a lot of fun with them.

Guy Benson [00:15:42] Well consider the gauntlet thrown here every show.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:15:45] I’m very I’m very confident that I could trigger all four of them.

Guy Benson [00:15:47] Oh my God, the Mooch vs the squad.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:15:48] I’m going to have them going up like bottle rockets. I would take all four of them on a one time. I’m probably, if you if you added up all the ages, I’m probably slightly older than all four of them combined. I’ll take all four of them on at the same time.

Guy Benson [00:16:02] I could moderate. Right, I could be fair about it.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:16:04] They could pick the moderator.

Guy Benson [00:16:05] They probably wouldn’t pick me.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:16:06] But they could have a super lefty moderator and the whole thing and let’s just have a little bit of fun together. They couldn’t be more hypocritical.

Guy Benson [00:16:14] We’ll put that out on the twitter.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:16:15] But let’s not kick him out of the country. I would enjoy debating them inside the country. And that’s what makes America so much fun.

Guy Benson [00:16:22] And on that note, we’re going to step aside and take a break. Anthony Scaramucci, always a pleasure.

Anthony Scaramucci [00:16:27] Great to be here, stay cool over the weekend. I’m going to try.

Guy Benson [00:16:29] And we’ll be right back.