With Pope Francis taking the helm of the Catholic Church six years ago, there's been a decided divide between the conservative and liberal wings of the Church body.  Early on Francis was a media darling. Liberals love him for his more personal, humble approach to Christian doctrine. While conservatives still long for the good ole days of Pope Benedict XVI, the now retired pontiff who was more comfortable in the world of theological academics than in the vast splendor of the Vatican's top spot. Enter into this fray, Father Joseph Fessio, the "founder and editor of Ignatius Press, which is the primary English-language publisher of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI's writings and the publisher of Catholic World Report." Fr. Fessio joins Lighthouse Faith Podcast to talk about all things Catholic: the sex abuse crisis, the draining membership of the Catholic faithful, and of course the philosophical fissure that has grown larger since Francis became the Bishop of Rome. How can the Church move forward comfortably when there seems to be more that divides it than unites it? It can be done. But requires a return of true faith, not one mired in politics and secular group think. Here's Fr. Fessio's vision of the future.