A wise woman of faith once said to me, "You can become bitter or better from the things that happen to you. It's your choice."  Well Chris and Emily Norton have not only made their life better, but they've made other young lives better in the process. When Chris was an 18 year old college freshman football player, he was severely injured in a game. One tackle, one split second, changed his life forever. He became paralyzed from the neck down. But though his body couldn't move, his spirit soared. His faith in God made him stronger, and he was determined to walk again. He questioned whether he would ever marry or have children; then he met Emily and they are now the parents of five adopted daughters. But his story went viral when, with Emily's help, he walked across the stage to receive his diploma. And then three years later, walked down the aisle at their wedding. The aisle, a mere seven yards. But it represents a miraculous journey that is inspiring millions. Their new book, "The Seven Longest Yards" chronicles their journey of faith and fortitude.