The five moderators of Wednesday's Democratic debate tried to cover it all - every major topic, every candidate, even every style of moderating. The first half of the debate was a more carefully controlled, methodical look at policy differences on the economy, health care and immigration, homing in on the leading candidates. The second half, had a technical snafu that cost the moderators precious time, featured a looser, rapid-fire survey of a host of issues, from guns to climate change to U.S. involvement in Afghanistan. The biggest hurdle for the moderators from NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo was always going to be how to get into substantive discussions with 10 candidates vying for airtime.

Guy Benson sat down with Fox Host Martha Maccallum, who is no stranger to co-moderating debates for Fox News. She was very sympathetic to the plight of NBC on such a big stage.

Watch Below:

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