Debris from what Iran's Revolutionary Guard aerospace division describes as the U.S. drone which was shot down on Thursday is displayed in Tehran, Iran, Friday, June 21, 2019. Major airlines from around the world on Friday began rerouting their flights to avoid areas around the Strait of Hormuz following Iran's shooting down of a U.S. military surveillance drone there, as America warned commercial airliners could be mistakenly attacked. (Meghdad Madadi/ Tasnim News Agency via AP)

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) who is also a retired Air Force pilot who flew in Iraq and Afghanistan, spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the need for Iran to pay a cost for shooting down a U.S. drone in international waters. Kinzinger believes if we have no direct response to Iran we run the risk of inviting more attacks by Iran or other groups. Kinzenger said it is a lazy argument to say our only options are to either do nothing or invade with 200,000 troops because if Iran or other nations see the US is determined at all cost to not get involved with military action, it opens up Israel and other allies to attack and more likely to drag us into a Middle East war

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