"We're Momming Today!" about getting more help from Dad! And in particular, parental leave. In honor of Father's Day, we explore a major push to give Dad a bigger part of care-taking. We're joined by Derek Rotondo, a JP Morgan Chase employee who successfully sued the bank for gender discrimination when it didn't allow him 16 weeks of paternity as a primary caregiver to his newborn son. Paid Leave for the U.S. (PL+US) finds this case reflects a much larger problem in society and corporate America: more than half of expecting dads want to take a full month or more to bond with their babies, but 35 of the largest employers in the country provide far less than that, and some don't provide paid leave at all. What needs to be done to change this, and how can women ever achieve full equality in the workplace if men are discouraged from helping more at home?