While the U.S. is engaged in a trade war with China, watchdog groups are warning of China’s religious persecution, and enemy number one is Christianity. David Curry is the founder and CEO of Open Doors USA, which monitors religious persecution around the world. China, he says is a growing concern. In the thirty years since the Tiananmen Square massacre, Christianity has grown by leaps and bounds, with some experts saying until the latest government crackdown, was on pace to become the largest Christian population in the world.  And that’s why the Communist Government is running scared, trying to keep the followers of Jesus under Communist control by monitoring, making lists and using technology to watch their every movement. Meanwhile the persecution is rampant elsewhere too; in India, Nigeria, and all parts of the Middle East. David Curry gives an update on the dire human reality of religious persecution. Despite it not being in the headlines every day, millions suffer its effects continually, wanting only for the rest of the world to hear their cries.