It's always a great day on the Guy Benson show when Tucker Carlson, host of Tucker Carlson tonight drops by. Guy and Tucker discussed a wide range of issues including President Trump's trip to London, the far left mob mentality & why won't Mayor Pete Buttigieg appear on Tucker's show.

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Sound clip:On the numbers of protesters and of course is the president Trump having been enormous outside Buckingham Palace but mainly tourists. They've been standing about one day. A few boos a few claps to welcome him.

Guy Benson: Back on the Guy Benson's show it is day two of our new timeslot very happy to have you along. I'm here in Washington D.C. and the Tony Snow radio studio that was a report last night from BBC NEWS commenting on the relatively low number of protesters that. Were there at Buckingham Palace outside as President Trump arrived. Much bigger protests today as planned in the streets of London. And then you can hear some of the chanting. There were a few Trump supporters in the crowd and at one point they were surrounded by leftists who were chanting nazi scum at the supporters of President Trump which strikes me as Oh I don't know maybe just a bit much. In any case I am very happy to welcome into the show sitting right across from me here in studio Tucker Carlson who is host of Tucker Carlson tonight Monday through Friday 8:00 p.m. Eastern on the Fox News Channel. Also author of the book ship of fools. Hey Tucker. Guy Benson ladies and gentlemen very good to have you here.

Tucker Carlson: That tape you played was unbelievable. I mean so a group of people surround a couple of individuals and scream at them and then assault them. But they're the Nazis right.

Guy Benson: The people being thrown at the Bull and being assaulted. They're the Nazis.

Tucker Carlson: There really is the party of the mob. It really is the left is the party of the mob.

Guy Benson: They threw a milkshake. This is a new thing apparently in British politics where they throw milkshakes on people that they don't like. So this guy got milkshakes. There's a debate now in the U.K. about whether or not that is assault. I just feel like really if there were a left leaning politician milkshake by a right winger I feel like the tone of that debate might be quite different.

Tucker Carlson: Who says it's not assault.

Guy Benson: Oh it's it's a big discussion.

Tucker Carlson: It's not was really a discussion. Of course it's assault and everyone knows that's assault. The actual what they're really saying is some people deserve to be assaulted. I mean if I walked I mean I don't know throw a milkshake in your face that's assault. Yeah that's right. Why would it not be assault.

Guy Benson: By definition now they might say it's not violent necessarily these are the sort of the gradation is that.

Tucker Carlson: We're all just playing along with the lie. We all know it's a lie of course it's assault. And the question is do people deserve it if you disagree with someone that much do you have a right to assault the person. And they're saying yes. And a lot of people are saying yes or journalists. And so how far is it from there. Well why wouldn't you shoot somebody who's like an imminent threat. If someone's ideas are that repugnant that dangerous Nazi case they're making Nazis exactly then I mean nobody blames Dietrich Bonhoeffer for being allied with Hitler assassination plot in fact he's a hero for that. So like follow the rhetoric. How far away from that are we not that far actually. And so I just I just want to be clear. Anybody who makes excuses for assault is is part of the reason that we're going to have open violence soon which we are.

Guy Benson: Well I think well I hope you're wrong about.

Tucker Carlson: I hope so too.

Guy Benson: I really do. And I think that it's something that responsible people on. All ends of the political spectrum should really rally to.

Tucker Carlson: Where the responsible people on the left. I don't I don't know where they are. I honestly don't. And I I mean I don't think there's any show on this channel that's tried harder to get voices from the other side on sincerely. You know I'm nonpartisan in spirit I couldn't have more contempt for Republicans. I think they're ridiculous. So I'm not certainly carrying water for Trump or the Republican or anything like that. But I I don't see the responsible people on the left. I see a lot of people making excuses for violence.

Guy Benson: Well I think part of the reason that you're saying this and correct me if I'm wrong this is because I don't living it. It's personal. Yeah. Right. That the experience at your house a number of months ago.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah. And like in on the Acela to New York and that and nine different restaurants in every year.

Guy Benson: What happened on the trail.

Tucker Carlson: I mean I'm not going to I'm just saying like the people on the left now feel like disagreeing with you is just cause to hassle you screaming you threaten you. Someone want to yell at your children. Yeah. A kid right. Yeah. One of my kids. I mean you know I was the reason I don't talk much because I have zero interest in talking about my personal life because it's not really part of my job. You know I'm not Oprah I'm not here to talk about myself I don't like talking about myself. I'm a wasp. I don't like that actually. I mean. I don't but I just having had this series of experiences over the last two years I can say that there are totalitarian impulses on the left and they are unchecked. Nobody is. There's no leader that I'm aware of. I hope they're I hope I'm wrong who's standing but saying you know no you don't get to chase someone out of a restaurant because you disagree with his political views. Nobody is saying that.

Guy Benson: I think Bernie Sanders once or twice is said.

Guy Benson: Maybe to that effect. So there are some people saying it but I wish it were really who louder. I don't know who they are and or United. And you did you didn't feel any of that solidarity from people in your position on the other side after your house was attacked.

Tucker Carlson: Of course not. Of course not. I mean I have a couple of friends on the Paul Begala is like a legitimate friend of mine and a wonderful person longtime co-host on longtime Yeah we worked together and I know him well tonight and I know his family love his family and he's like a legitimate friend of mine of course he's one of the first people to call me and I'm grateful for that but that's you know he's a friend. He's like a real friend of mine. James Carville same thing but. But no like you know people you would think would jump to your aid at least rhetorically. No not at all.

Guy Benson: Oh that's that's a shame.

Tucker Carlson: But it's not surprising though because like we can we all see where this is going. And and it's one direction's doing it and then and so where is Joe Biden more as Nancy Pelosi saying no I'm sure you don't have a right scream a mesmerized by the screaming at people in restaurants. The idea that you don't have a right to be in a public place if you disagree with the left. Think about that for 10 seconds. Everyone's on board with that. I've noticed but I'm not.

Guy Benson: No you were kind enough to blurb my book with Mary Katharine Ham. End of discussion which talks about this mob mentality.

Tucker Carlson: Yes.

Guy Benson: And that was before this started really coming literally to your doorstep. You just said that you hate talking about yourself but I want to talk about you just one more question here. We had Brett Baier on the show yesterday and we were talking about the different approaches that certain Democratic candidates are taking in 2020 to our network peer you know appearing with Martha and Chris and then Bret on some of these town hall meetings some are refusing to show up at all like Elizabeth Warren who's making it a point to fundraise off of calling us you know a hate machine or whatever but some are appearing and it seems like there is now a box that they feel obliged to check which is to condemn the network while they're on it and several of them have taken swipes at you. Maybe not by name but sort of clearly directed at you. What's your your take when you see candidates for president sort of suggesting that because you are a voice on this network it's sort of a jump ball in their mind morally whether or not it's OK for them to come on our air.

Tucker Carlson: So the defenders of late term abortion are saying that I'm immoral. I mean it's it's a rhetorical device. I don't think they believe that. I mean they work in politics. There's no more disgusting business there's no more morally compromised his church. So to have some politician be like oh you're just you're beneath me morally it's ok son I've been doing this I've been here my whole life I know what this is about. You know I was I was here covering this when Pete Buttigieg or whatever his name is was a child like I know what this is. And so I don't you know take any of that seriously. I do find it cowardly though that they won't come on my show. You know they're happy to talk to Chris Wallace or whatever but they don't they don't want to talk to me because they can't answer my questions and they're afraid of me. I get it.

Guy Benson: But you have an open invite to.

Tucker Carlson: Needless to say needless. Everyone's invited on my show all the time. You know that that's that's an outgrowth of who I am as a person. That's how I feel. I'm not afraid to talk to anybody but they're absolutely afraid to come on my show there's literally no chance they come on my show cause they cancel the questions I'm not assault them or so I'm not gonna throw a milkshake on them.

Guy Benson: Or get a milkshake.

Tucker Carlson: I don't believe in that.

Guy Benson: Pete Buttigieg.

Tucker Carlson: No and I'm not going to be rude.

Tucker Carlson: I'm going to yell I'm just a super simple questions and they but they can't answer my questions. And so I don't know. OK Pete Buttigieg or whatever your name is just come on. You know my fellow Episcopalian who I noticed is like you know giving these moral lectures but it would Episcopalians give moral lectures I can tell you was a birthright Episcopalian run for the hills. Okay. Because they have no standing to do that. But no is always welcome on my show. I don't know what the hell he's talking about like oh it's if I'm immoral because I disagree with him on immigration or I don't think that there's a good reason. To abort a third term pregnancy like that's grotesque disgusting and most people agree. But for saying that you know I'm a whatever.

Guy Benson: So let's turn to some policy in some politics. We played the clip coming in and you I think quite rightly went to the mob mentality surrounding some of this stuff. But if we take a step back the president is overseas visiting our greatest ally he's in London in terms of the optics the substance the politics just overall what are your thoughts on what we've seen so far from the President in the UK.

Tucker Carlson: I don't know are they our greatest ally. I'm I'm I'm a little. I would just say two things where maybe I differ from some people on this channel one. You know I'm not so hung up on people criticizing the president when he's overseas you know it's a pretty you know it's a pretty short flight actually. I think that's OK. I think that's an old tradition I understand why it was a tradition but it doesn't mean much to me. Second is great Britain our closest ally. I don't know why it would be. Who would you put above them. I don't. We have allies. I don't really. No of course not. We have transactional we do but we don't recognize it. The United States has a culture right or even a language. The English is just one among many languages right. We don't recognize that this is a real country. It's just like a private equity scheme. And so the only reason that Great Britain was our closest ally was because we acknowledge that this was a British colony that we have an Anglo culture and we're not allowed to acknowledge anymore the Democratic front runner Joe Biden said that British Common Law was racist but we must not pretend that the only reason people come here is because of British Common Law our tradition of due process or the justice system in our country which we inherited directly from Great Britain makes this a destination for the world.

Guy Benson: It isn't. Isn't that case that you're making right there at least an argument for the special bond.

Tucker Carlson: I guess. But but but you know Britain is so self hating you know they have no sense of their own value. The value of their history. They hate themselves completely which is why they've turned their country over to the rest of the world and degraded their country to the extent they have.

Guy Benson Although wouldn't Brexit be the people rising up against that.

Tucker Carlson: Yeah but they voted three years ago to leave and they haven't. Because the people aren't because democracy is not real. I mean it's not real obviously. It was real. They had a democratic referendum on it and they said it clearly was yes or no. And they voted yes. Let's leave. And three years later they haven't. And you know as well as I they're not going to because it's not real.

Guy Benson: Even if a Brexit to your prime minister succeeds Theresa May you think it's not happening.

Tucker Carlson: Why hasn't happened yet again. It's been three years almost exactly three.

Guy Benson Well I think what Brexiteers would argue is it's very hard to have a prime minister overseeing this process when she opposed the fundamental question. She was a reminder. So if I someone who actually believes in the proposition taking over those negotiations you have a better shot.

Tucker Carlson: No you don't need someone who believes in the proposition you need someone who believes in democracy that the people rule and you don't have referenda unless you're willing to abide by the outcome. But in that country as in this country you've seen again and again and again and again popular initiatives overturned by a more powerful minority. It's like no we don't think people have the right to make their own decisions self-government is not real. That's their view. That's our view. Whatever. So the point is like everything is is fluid right now and I and I wouldn't say I think we have much more in common we ought to. I mean I'm much more impressed by Hungary than I am by Great Britain and I am English obviously. I mean that's like my you know genetically I guess I'm Tucker. All right. In Swedish Yeah but that means nothing to me. I actually unlike everyone on the left I'm not interested in race or genetics. I don't think it's that interesting it doesn't. That's not meaningful to me. What I'm interested in is choice and ideas and what's true and what's true is that countries with self-respect that care about their own populations to put their own people first are the ones that I admire and Great Britain is at the bottom of that list. They've zero regard for their own people of course Poland does Hungary does the Czech Republic does a much Finland sort of does. So I think we have much more in common with those countries than we do with Great Britain.

Guy Benson: Interesting stuff. One of the things that I enjoy about having Tucker on the show is you are not predictable. Right. You are not ideologically predictable which is why I think some people won't do your show honestly because what we do in this industry a lot of the time is you are in your little box right and you can 90 percent of the time at least guess what someone is gonna say about something and you're not always willing to play along with that paradigm which is I think intellectually very interest.

Tucker Carlson: But I'm not. I mean I'm a pretty simple person and this is not false modesty I mean I'm not any kind of seething intellectual I'm not a super deep person I ask really simple questions because that's what I'm capable of asking and so I don't understand why I would ask if I had Pete father Buttigeieg on my show I would ask you know is there anything wrong with abortion ever morally. Let's do a super simple question What's the answer.

Guy Benson: Well Mr. Mayor if you're listening I'd love to have you on this show. I think we would have. He and I. A very interesting conversation for a number of reasons. And while you're at it if you're in the building.

Tucker Carlson: He hasn't done your show.

Guy Benson Not yet. But we'd love to have him on. And I think I treat him respectfully and while he's here maybe I can swing by.

Tucker Carlson: And I would. Tucker Carlson tonight he certainly seems smart enough to answer questions. He is very smart yeah.

Guy Benson: Tonight 8:00 p.m. every weeknight Tucker Carlson presides over the 8:00 p.m. hour on Fox News Channel. Thanks so much for doing