They made a reality show around their Duck calling business, but the Duck Dynasty clan is more about Faith than fowl. Phil Robertson, the patriarch, and his sons Al and Jase, now have their own podcast, but came to Lighthouse Faith podcast to also talk about Phil’s new book, “The Theft of America’s Soul: Blowing the Lid off the Lies that are Destroying Our Country”.  They also exposed some of the conflicts over their faith values they had with the show’s producers at A&E. Phil talks about how the producers wanted to make them seem more vulgar and so inserted bleeps, where there was no obscene language. The producers also took out part of his daily prayer when Phil says,  “in Jesus’s name,” without their knowing, but we learn how he got them to put it back in. The Robertson’s Christian faith is the foundation of their business and their lives. Now, two years after the show stopped filming, they are taking their popularity on the road with speaking engagements and appearances to preach the Gospel.