President Donald Trump speaks during a National Day of Prayer event in the Rose Garden of the White House, Thursday, May 2, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

45th Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker joined the Brian Kilmeade Show today to discuss the economy, campaign spying, tax cuts and more.

Listen here:

Gov. Walker on campaign spying:

We've seen it time and time again. Remember in the Obama administration when for years people said 'Well I wonder if the IRS is looking into people,' and people said 'No, that's not possible.' And we learned actually they were, they were investigating conservative groups out there. Now we see people saying 'Oh the FBI is looking into folks, no that could never happen again.' We now see evidence and I think that's why people have had it with institution after institution. They like a president who just tells it like it is, who stands up for the forgotten men and women of this country and that's certainly how the president won in the great state of Wisconsin and other key battleground states, and how he's going to win again in 2020.

Gov. Walker on President Trump's Green Bay rally:

The place was packed. It was on a night when historically presidents had been at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Instead he was out with the American people. And he did a great job, went out for over an hour... He really spent almost every moment of his time talking about real policy issues, talking about the benefits of the tax cuts, talking about securing the border. Talking about issue, after issue, after issue... But this president can get no credit from major portions of the so-called mainstream American media out there. The American people know things are better. And I think the closer we get to election the better off. And when we see things like what's happening in Venezuela we can see in real time the failures of socialism, Maduro's socialism is literally tearing the country apart, we can never let that happen in America.

Gov. Walker on Trump's tax cuts:

80% of the American people got a tax cut. Major portions of that were middle class working class families. In Wisconsin a typical taxpayer is a family, two parents working, two kids still school age at home. That family under the tax plan President Trump signed into law saves over $2,500. That's real money, that's not crumbs like Pelosi said, that is real money. That's money that's benefiting the economy. I think that's part of the GDP growth that we see, the growth in the economy because more people have money in their pocket... 80% of American people got a tax cut, we just need to remind them, and we need to remind them this doesn't happen by accident.

Gov. Walker on Trump's overall performance:

I wasn't an original sponsor or supporter of the president, I was supporting myself in the early stages. And eventually though when it came to a choice between him and Hillary Clinton I was all for the president. I've got to tell you this president has exceeded my expectations on policy. People talk all the time about tweets or comments or this or that, in the end Washington is filled with politicians that maybe say all the right things but don't do squat for the American people, for the working men and women of this country. This president may not always say things perfectly. He may not always tweet exactly the way everyone would tweet, but in the end he's getting the job done. The economy's growing. Wages are up. We see unemployment levels at historic or near historic levels.

Gov. Walker on Trump trade deals:

One of the best things that could happen is if the Congress would approve the trade deal this president worked on with Canada and Mexico to get rid of NAFTA. If you look at President Trump held out per my request and a number of others in the state of Wisconsin not only to benefit Wisconsin but other farmers across the country, Canada particularly Ontario had a trade policy that really affected what's called Ultra filtered milk. They put in price controls, it hurt dairy farmers in the Midwest. President Trump held out specifically for that. That was the reason it took as long as it did to negotiate that deal. But in the end it was another benefit. Now we just need the Congress to step up and approve it. That alone isn't going to change the challenges that dairy farmers face across the Midwest. But it's a good example of when the chips are down, this president delivers for the American farmer and I know given the chance he'll continue to do that for the next four years.