From the Sri Lanka Easter attacks, to the rise of militant Islam, to the rise of the number of people who claim no religious identity... Dr. Michael Youssef has something to say about it all, and politics too. The Egyptian born, Christian pastor and theologian, also has a PhD in social anthropology, which means he understands who people are from a scientific and spiritual point of view. He is the founder of Church of the Apostles in Atlanta, Georgia and Leading the Way International Ministry. He pulls no punches when talking about what he believes is the Big Lie in today's world of entertainment, politics and even in Christian Churches. Among the questions he takes in this podcast, "What is sin?" "Is hell a place or a state of Mind?" and "Why would a good God send someone to hell just for not believing in Jesus?" These are hard topics to discuss in today's 'Can't we all get along' environment. But Dr. Youssef always delivers with a smile.