Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich spoke with Brian Kilmeade to push back on Chris Christie last week on the Brian Kilmeade Show insinuating he has ties with the company Rivada and their potential work for the government to build a 5G network. Gingrich flat out denied having any ties to Rivada, saying, “Well you know I wish Chris would do some research. I have no financial ties with any company that’s involved with 5G, not zero. I also think virtually everything else he said was false and I’m astonished that he’s either that misinformed or that willing to say things that aren’t true.” Gingrich also said he is willing to have a debate with Christie on The Brian Kilmeade Show, “If you want to see if Chris wants to come on I’ll be glad to debate Chris or he could apologize, whichever, technique he wants to follow. What he said about me was just plain untrue.”

Gingrich believes it is critical for the Trump administration to do more to help develop a 5G network to compete with the Chinese, saying, “I think it’s life and death because if the Chinese dominate the Internet worldwide in the next generation, we may not be able to recover.”

Watch here for the full interview: