John Rich, Owner of Redneck Riviera Whiskey, country music star and one half of duo "Big & Rich", stopped by the Brian Kilmeade Show today to talk about music, America, whiskey and much more! Rich was candid about sharing his opinions on the state of the country, saying "A lot of people in my business won't express their opinions because they're afraid of backlash not necessarily from the fans, but from the industry."

Rich talked about his upbringing, growing up in a double-wide trailer in "tornado alley" Texas, with an itch to be successful that runs in the family. He shared that his "Granny Rich" still runs her own business and works 40 hours a week at the age of 87, and that her work ethic passed on to him just as strong, as it should to all Americans. "It's tough to chase down a dream, but if you woke up in America this morning be grateful that you've got the right to chase your dreams." Rich also discusses the importance of patriotism, saying that "Generosity is one the things that sets America apart from basically every other country out there." He also shares how his Nashville bar Redneck Riviera on Broadway also demonstrates generosity and patriotism, by including a "hero's bar" that comps drinks for military, hires veterans and active-duty military, and features a singing of the national anthem every single night.

And as a former winner of "The Apprentice" and attendee of the signing of the Music Modernization Act in the Oval Office, Rich knowns President Trump fairly well. Speaking on his performance so far, Rich said "197,000 jobs, unemployment's at 3.8. I can tell you the direct impact I see on the road... More people are buying concert tickets than were buying concert tickets prior to this and I have to think this is the direct result of people getting their jobs back or the job they have is now paying the more money."

Last, Rich weighs in on the recent controversy surrounding artist Lil Nas X being taken off the country music charts and even lets us know what songs he thinks are country, new country, and not country at all!

Watch here:

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