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Senator John Cornyn Responds to CNN For Calling Him Out On Using Eminent Domain To Seize Private Property To Build The Wall At The Border


(Alisyn Camerota) My head almost exploded yesterday when I read that the president was considering seizing private property to build the wall through eminent domain. And the idea that you know Senator John Cornyn comes out of this meeting with Republicans and says like No one’s blaming the president here. Wow. We are completely in a different universe.

(Jim Messina) It is unbelievable. Could you imagine if Barack Obama proposed eminent domaining huge chunks of the country will be a national uprising on the right. And yet no one’s even talking about it.

Senator John Cornynís response to Brian Kilmeade

(Brian Kilmeade) That was Jim Messina former campaign manager. So give me some context there.

(Senator John Cornyn) Well unfortunately these folks are you know maybe they’re saying things they actually believe but they don’t know what they’re talking about. They’ve never been to the border. We’ve had a secure fence act that was passed in 2006 that provided for up to 800 miles of fencing along the southwestern border that was supported by Barack Obama Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer. And it was not a particularly a partisan issue. And yes in some places where there is private property that’s needed in order to actually place the fencing I can tell you it’s not particularly popular in South Texas because people lived on these properties for a long time but many of them want the protection that comes with this because they’re being overrun by the drug dealers and the human traffickers as well as the coyotes who are moving people from Central America. So they realized more than anybody the need for security at the border. But yes, in some places eminent domain is used in those lawsuits that are now pending in court. But this idea that this is something brand new. I mean this is something Barack Obama voted for.

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