Mike Huckabee tells Brian Kilmeade that if Ann Coulter has a better way to work with democrats and make a deal for better border security she should run for office.

(Brian Kilmeade) Governor I got to ask you too about the president’s quandary. You know he was you know his base his conservative one of his lead advisers is Mark Meadows another one is Lindsey Graham. And when he comes out and says things like he proposed which was I think pretty five point seven billion for the border barrier three years of DACA recipients protection three years for TPS protection 800 million for humanitarian aid things the conservatives don’t like. You have people like Ann Coulter come forward who I really like . she’s original thinker and great story. But Ann Coulter says I voted for Trump and I got Jeb. Rush Limbaugh in a more positive fashion also says the president shouldn’t be giving. You just can’t govern without giving in. And it gave conservatives even though you’re a conservative there’s not enough conservatives for you to win the presidency. You can’t govern just for conservatives. So how does the president win here?

(Mike Huckabee) Well first of all Ann Coulter if she’s got the way to get it done let him run for office she’s never done that. So she’s never had to be in the position of having to sit down and work through something to a solution. I have and the President’s in that position. And you’re not going to get everything you want. We need to listen to those great political scientists of all time The Rolling Stones who’s Immortal Song. “You don’t always get what you want” and that’s the number one rule of politics you give you get sometimes you get more sometimes you get less.
But the President’s main goal and the big promise he made was securing the border. He can do that. But in order to do that he’s got to do something that quite frankly I don’t have a problem with. I think we do need to resolve this issue with the people who came here because their parents brought them they had nothing to do with it.
It’s not their fault. You don’t give a ticket to the kid in the back seat when the dad up in the front seat is driving and gets a speeding ticket. You give it to the dad. You don’t punish the child. And so there are some concessions I think that a reasonable and responsible for the president to make won’t make everybody happy But we’re not going to have any solution that everyone’s going to love. And if it’s something that some people OR most people just don’t totally love then it’s probably a fairly decent and responsible solution.

(Kilmeade) Why do you think the president cares so much what Ann Coulter thinks?

(Huckabee) Well I know he doesn’t want people to go out and try to stir up his base against him. And I’m not sure why she would because she’s got a deep down know that he can’t just be arbitrary. He’s not a dictator he’s a president he’s got to work within the confines of getting something through two houses of Congress one where he doesn’t have 60 votes to beat the filibuster and the other where Nancy Pelosi is in charge. Anything he gets done is going to be miraculous. He’s laid something on the table that is incredibly generous very responsible and very well balanced. And Republicans ought to you know get behind it some of them will have to suck it up and say this is not what I want but it’s better than having nothing. And it’s certainly better than having a closed government in an open border. So let’s go forward with it.

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Mike Huckabee tells Brian Kilmeade he is disappointed with Chris Christie for betraying President Trump’s trust in his new book

(Brian Kilmeade) So we have a couple of books out one by Cliff Sims who I have not met. I don’t think the other one about Chris Christie and we got excerpts not the whole book yet but he says about Chris Christie in particular says the president hired riffraff Tom Price as a health human services secretary. He got he was not ready for prime time as was Jeff Sessions. He also was very critical of Scott Pruitt and Michael Flynn said there needed to be more. Kellyanne Conway too few Kellyanne Conway’s and a boatload of Sebastian Gorkas as too few Steve Manuchins Chinn’s. What’s your reaction? I know I put you in an odd spot but I just also know our audience appreciate your opinion because your daughter is there. But what’s your reaction there because Chris Christie still on good terms with the president.

(Mike Huckabee) I would say after this book the answer would be no. The President doesn’t like people who violate his trust. I don’t either. I like Chris he’s a friend and I respect him. But I think when people go out and they take things that they’ve learned in private and in secret and they betrayed the trust of someone who gave them confidence. I just think that’s wrong. I think to profit off that is not appropriate. And he may have those feelings about some of those people. I have no idea whether he’s angry because he didn’t get hired into the cabinet. I just don’t know. But I don’t think that the best way to help this president and this country is to undermine the people that he did hire. And you know to be vicious about it and I’m disappointed that Chris would do this.

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Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee joined Brian Kilmeade to discuss the heat President Trump is facing from conservatives such as An Coulter who are upset with his proposal to end the government shutdown, why Governor Chris Christie’s new book is a betrayal of President Trump’s trust and Rudy Giuliani saying President Trump may have spoken with Michael Cohen about testimony.

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