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Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) tells Brian Kilmeade that Senator Rand Paul is 'a very weak person' calling for the removal our troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

(Brian Kilmeade) Adam Kinzinger joins us right now I don't have to explain that to him. Congressman you're the guy goes over there and fights and it also goes on the ground to find out what the reality is. Who's right? Is Rand Paul right here?

(Rep Adam Kinzinger) I will tell you what man and thanks for your advocacy. You're a very important voice in this. And Rand Paul I just want to be clear is a very weak person. I'm not talking physically but he's scared. He is this idea that the United States an 18th century philosophy that the U.S. can just simply retreat and everything will be good. And you wrote a book about that I read which was great about the Barbary pirate wars and you know America who used to be isolationist realizing that there is a reason to be involved in the war and you know the fact is this when you look at what happened in Syria somebody walked into a cafe and blew themselves up for two reasons. Now that this person may not have even been from Syria they may have come from somewhere else to fight on behalf of ISIS. And they targeted Americans. Now they did that in Syria. If you think that mindset that will travel to Syria which most of ISIS did to fight Americans is not going to travel just a little bit longer to the United States to fight Americans in soft targets, we're fooling ourselves. The decision to fight terrorism is not one we make that is made for us the decision we have is where do we fight terrorism. And when Rand Paul, who wants to retreat from Afghanistan, retreat from Syria, something will fill that vacuum and it is chaos and terror that comes along. So he is absolutely wrong on this and as you mentioned his is just and it's a legitimate philosophy of isolationism, I don't I don't begrudge somebody that has a different philosophy but to pretend like that is Republicanism and that is strength is completely incorrect.

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Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) spoke with Brian Kilmeade about why he feels Senator Rand Paul is 'a very weak person' with an 18th century philosophy when it comes to our foreign policy and keeping troops in the Middle East. Kinzinger says Senator Paul's mindset of retreating in Afghanistan and Syria will lead to a vacuum that will be filed with 'chaos and terror.' Kinzenger also discussed the government shutdown and believes the reason Speaker Nancy Pelosi will not negotiate with President Trump and the republicans over border funding is because the 'far lefties' recently elected to Congress won't let Speaker Pelosi 'give in on anything.'

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