FILE - In this July 13, 2018 file photo, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein speaks during a news conference at the Department of Justice in Washington. Rosenstein is expected to leave his position soon after William Barr is confirmed as attorney general. That’s according to a person familiar with the plans who was not authorized to discuss them on the record and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

John Dowd tells Brian Kilmeade there is a coup against President Trump by Rod Rosenstein, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Andrew McCabe

(John Dowd) Little did I know that it appears that they were all in it together. I mean Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller,McCabe, the whole crowd and and they were out to get this president no matter what. I don’t think they sincerely believed anything about Russia.

(Brian Kilmeade) Well he flat out lie to you. John Dowd he flat out lie to you when you or not to you but the President said am I a target of this investigation. Reince Priebus was told no and the President was told no. That’s a lie

(Dowd) That’s right.

(Kilmeade) It’s unbelievable.

(Dowd) Then they play games with his counterintelligence business.I take what was driving me crazy Brian as you know I served as a department just as I did an internal investigation of the FBI back when Director Kelly was there and working with two attorneys general. Let me tell you I’ve never I mean this is our worst nightmare that someone with that kind of power would then decide to go after the President. I mean it’s a coup. That’s what it is an attempted coup by Comey and his crowd. And the evidence is all over there. I take the New York Times article as an admission of their bad behavior.

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John Dowd, former attorney for President Donald Trump, spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the reports that the FBI believed President Trump was working for Russia and Vladimir Putin. Dowd explained why he believes there is a coup against President Trump “I mean it’s a coup. That’s what it is an attempted coup by Comey and his crowd.” Dowd also admitted to speaking with President Trump and his team about once a week and how President Trump’s instincts were right about Bob Mueller.

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