Rudy Giuliani, Attorney for President Trump and former Mayor of New York City, spoke with Brian Kilmeade about the latest on Mueller investigation, including his theory on why Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts got involved in the special counsel's investigation. Giuliani also discussed how the Democrats in the House of Representatives have become more irresponsible, only caring about "getting him out of office" rather than facts. Plus, Giuliani addressed President Trump's signed letter of intent to negotiate building a Trump Tower in Russia.

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BRIAN KILMEADE, FOX HOST: Joining us now, a man that hears that, and is responsible for responding and defending, to make sure that doesn't happen, Rudy Giuliani, a longtime friend of the president, confidant when he was running for president.

After all, he's done it himself. And now he's the attorney for President Trump, and a former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. Mr. Mayor, only appropriate on a day that WABC picks up the show that we have you on in the first hour. Thanks so much for joining us.

RUDY GIULIANI, FORMER MAYOR OF NEW YORK CITY: Oh it's a pleasure, Brian, great - great to be with you.

KILMEADE: Well, first off, Mr. Mayor, you've heard those predictions before. And the tensions were ramped up this quarter. What is going to be your greatest challenge as you try to see around the corner - see around what the next show to drop will be?

GIULIANI: Well, just how irresponsible the House of Representatives becomes. I mean, they promised - they promised in advance that they're going to hang him. So, we - you still have the hanging jury. There's not much objectivity left when you hear things like you just played, right?

So, I think our attitude toward cooperation with them is going to be quite a bit different than it was in the early stage of this where John Dowd says he - he regrets, now, cooperating so much because they double-crossed him.

Here we don't have to worry - they've already told us they'll double-cross us. And it sounds like the investigation would be a formality. They've already reached their conclusion. How they can do that without having seen any evidence is, of course, very disturbing.

KILMEADE: Well, I mean, I read (ph) --

GIULIANI: I also --

KILMEADE: -- I also - go ahead, I didn't mean to cut you off. Go ahead.

GIULIANI: -- but it also - also indicates that they don't really care what the truth is. All they care about is getting him out of office.

KILMEADE: Do you think that's Robert Mueller's goal?

GIULIANI: Oh, Mueller? I'm talking about the Congress now - the --

KILMEADE: Oh, the Congress?

GIULIANI: -- the Democrats in Congress.


GIULIANI: I don't know if it's Mueller's goal. I think it's probably Wiessman's (ph). I think he's got some people there that are, you know, out of control Hillary people. You know how they are. I mean, they - they think - I get confronted with them just walking along the streets.

And then, some of them look they're - well, I mean, some of them do go to psychiatrists. I'm not saying Wiessman (ph) needs to go to a psychiatrist, but some of them are overwrought (ph). And - and they - they tend to justify anything they do as OK because they see him as some kind of monster, which is ridiculous.

KILMEADE: So, with the President, as his defense attorney, I remember when you decided to do this, and, you know, you had your injury in the summer. You got hurt. You - you rehabbed. You come back.

You see the President is looking for new attorneys. He wanted you to do this right away. So, you're doing this. And, I guess, in the beginning you said I'm beginning to get a hold of the facts.


KILMEADE: We - are - are there some things that you don't know from your client who happens to be the President of the United States? Have you had a sit down with him to say hey, Donald, you're my buddy, but I can't defend you unless I know everything. And there are some things that have popped up that maybe have caught everybody by surprise. Have you been caught by surprise?

GIULIANI: I don't think so. I mean a couple of things I'm going over in more detail. He remembered some facts that he didn't remember before. But that's very - very common. But there weren't any - I don't think there's been a major surprise.

You know, the biggest surprises are all of the things they've done wrong. I mean, probably the biggest surprise is that they, somehow, wiped out the texts of Strzok and Page, about 19,000 of them.

And all of them happen to be during the time that they worked for Mueller. And you know that those texts are going to contain very derogatory things about the President because they couldn't help themselves.

And that would really bear on their - on their bias. And if we - if the - the independent - the Inspector General, rather, concluded that Strzok had done very inappropriate things. So, the stuff that he wrote about preventing him from being president, what a monster he would be, and then insurance policy. But he didn't find that the bias affected the investigation.

Now, suppose we had those texts of when he was working for Mueller. And suppose those texts explain that? Well, we'd have an investigation that we could probably argue should be dismissed because it's so tainted, but somehow, coincidentally, all those texts are missing, and Mueller's person wiped them out.


GIULIANI: Well, that gets me really upset.

KILMEADE: Well, a couple of things -

GIULIANI: Because a really - because they're total hypocrites. If that had happened, if Flynn had done that or the president or Donald Jr., any one of them, man, they'd be indicted already.

KILMEADE: Well, a couple of things, Mr. Mayor. I did not - the president said I have no business in Russia, and then Michael Cohen says - and they says, well, you know, I was talking about it -- a Trump Tower, at Moscow Tower up until January of 2016, and then Michael Cohen says, "no, it's June of 2016." And then what turns out there is a word - there's a paper out there that shows that we're going to have an agreement to move forward on a Moscow project. Does that make Rudy Giuliani look like he wasn't being candid because you didn't know everything?

GIULIANI: No, I knew there was a Moscow project. I still don't know how long it went, and I don't consider it a Moscow project. I consider it a letter of intent without any money every being put up, nonbinding, which is the earliest stage of a, you know, taking a look at a project. For example, if you asked me - let's pick a country that I'm not doing business in. Let's saying Hungary. If you ask me, "are you doing business in Hungary," and all I had was a proposal and a nonbinding letter of intent, which I could have with 10 countries, I wouldn't tell you I'm doing business in Hungary. I'm not. I'd be misleading you if I said I was. He wasn't doing business in Moscow. Did he - was he down the road looking at a project that had about 50 other steps to go through before it became a project? He probably was doing that in eight countries. So I don't see how those two things are inconsistent unless you want to make them inconsistent, unless you want - unless we don't -


GIULIANI: - want to hear a reasonable explanation for why he said that, which is what he told me when it turned out - look, the simple fact is he doesn't remember how long it went. So we answered the question, so there's no perjury involved by saying he and Cohen discussed the Moscow proposal. And he says as far as he's concerned, it could be anywhere up to November of 2016. But if you ask him to pinpoint the dates, he'd say to me 2015 and 2016 merged together. I know Michael would come to me, talk about the project -


GIULIANI: - I honestly - I didn't have a great interest in it. My interest was focused on running for president. It was like you'd hear it out of one ear and then you'd concentrate on what am I being attacked for today.

KILMEADE: Do you feel as though the president -

GIULIANI: Like what am I -

KILMEADE: Rudy, do you feel as though the president has said everything that Michael Cohen knows? Has he - has the president told you everything that Michael Cohen knows in order for you to better defend the president?

GIULIANI: Well, first of all as far as he can remember, right, Michael Cohen has been a - let's assume Michael Cohen - the part Michael Cohen telling the truth about. Michael Cohen will remember these things much better than the president because these are much more important to him. The Moscow thing was his project. For the president, it was one of a hundred things going on at the time and it probably was way down the list of importance, given the fact that he was running for president. I remember running for president, and boy, I didn't pay much attention to my business at that time.


GIULIANI: I mean, sometimes somebody would call me and ask me a question, and I'd say go ahead with that or go ahead with this, but that wasn't what I was thinking about. I mean, he wasn't thinking about -


GIULIANI: - his business at the time. So yes, there could be some things where Cohen remembers it better than - and he's perfectly willing to say Cohen may remember it better.


GIULIANI: I was wrong. He's right. However, there's another area. Cohen's lying about certain things. That we can't predict. We can't predict what he's lying about.

KILMEADE: Right. I got a couple of real quick topics. Let's just first off talk about the Mueller report. Catherine Herridge reporting shows they're in the last throes. They expect it to wrap up in February, and the big concern that Democrats have is that Mueller will do his report and you guys aren't going to allow it to get out. Is that a legitimate concern?

GIULIANI: Well, it depends on what's in it and it depends on how privileged it is, and it depends on whether it contains grand jury material, which is 6e material. I mean, it depends - I can't tell you that. I can't tell you without seeing it. I mean, we do - we did - John Dowd and Ty Cobb did this when they turned these 1.4 million documents over. Now, we reserve the right to claim executive privilege if they disclose it beyond the Executive Branch, which includes to Congress.


GIULIANI: That gives us the right to read the report, which is very necessary for us to be able to combat it, and then we'll decide.

KILMEADE: Got you. I don't know if you saw the story in Politco that said that John Roberts had to get involved in the Mueller probe when they cleared out a whole floor at the D.C. District Court. Do you know what this is about -- why the Supreme Court's Chief Justice had to get involved?

GIULIANI: I do not. I do not. I have - I mean, I'm going to make a guess. It's something international. It may have to do with that case against the Russians with 13 Russians who aren't going to come here and the one company that's defending. That lawyer has been dogged in his opposition to Mueller in court. I think they did a profile on him yesterday in The Times or The Post.

KILMEADE: Got you. All right.

GIULIANI: It might be that case, but I don't know for sure, Brian.

KILMEADE: It's just strange. There's so much mystery still. Mr. Mayor, thanks so much for just scratching surface and everything on your plate. Thanks so much for joining us on this day. Rudy Giuliani. Keep it here. Brian Kilmeade show.